The VisionSaving families, one man at a time

Our vision is to provide the very best care possible to indigenous Mayan alcoholics living in the southwestern region of Guatemala, with the goal of sobriety and family reunification.

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“I ask you one thing: do not tire of giving, but do not give your leftovers. Give until it hurts, until you feel the pain”Mother Teresa

The Mission StatementWe put families first.

Casa Tat Loy’s primary mission is to provide detox, treatment, and family reconciliation services to a population of indigenous Mayan men and their families ravaged by the disease of chronic alcoholism. These men are trying to break the pervasive cycle of a disease that has left them destitute, and in most cases, with nowhere else left to go.

Tragically, the families of these men are also thrust into abject poverty as the result of this disease. As a backdrop, Guatemala is the poorest country in Central America. The average income for a family of four is $1,400 per year, and child malnutrition is at epidemic proportions.

Casa Tat Loy’s efforts to rehab its residents, and reunite them with their families, have been hampered by very limited financial resources. But there is hope.

However, much more needs to be accomplished. Funding for nursing and psychological services and monthly budget shortfalls is much needed. Your generous financial help will allow us to achieve our goal of saving families-one man at a time.

We hope you can identify with our suffering brothers, sisters, and children in Guatemala, and take a moment to make a contribution towards alleviating the pain of their impoverished lives.


How Your Contributions Help


Your monthly donations help defray the financial shortfalls associated with feeding, clothing, sheltering, and providing medical, psychological and treatment services for Casa Tat Loy residents being served free-of-charge.

Your contribution is easy to make; just click on the donate box at the bottom of the page. Please consider making it a recurring monthly donation. We are currently unable to fund our minimum monthly obligations and, as a result, important services are not being provided. Thank you.

About Casa Tat Loy

Casa Tat Loy is a unique residential alcohol treatment center, housing on average 60 men for a period of three months, using current rehabilitation modalities.